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How Many Days Can You Drive Without an MOT? Finding The Best Local Garages Reading Two Symptoms of a Faulty Airbag Control Module 3 Signs of a Malfunctioning or Faulty AC Control Module (HVAC) 6 Signs Your Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Isn't Working 3 Signs of Damaged or Leaking Fuel Injection Lines Five Signs Your Timing Belt Tensioner is Faulty Five Signs Your Distributor Cap Is Bad 5 Causes and Symptoms of a Cracked Cylinder Head 5 Warning Signs of a Blown Head Gasket & How to Avoid It Five Signs of Thermostat Failure and How to Prevent Them? 7 Indications That a New Car Battery Is Needed 6 Signs Your Radiator Cap Is Bad Six Signs of a Faulty Water Pump, It's Function & Location Do You Know These 6 Signs To Show Your Alternator Is Bad? What Are Three Main Reasons of Idler Pulley Noise 9 Warning Symptoms Your Car Battery May Be Dying Five Symptoms of a Faulty Windscreen Wiper Motor 5 Signs That Your Engine Mount Is Broken 6 Indicators of a Faulty Accelerator Pedal Sensor 10 Symptoms That a Gearbox May Be Malfunctioning 6 Signs That Your Clutch Slave Cylinder Is Faulty or Failing 7 Signs Your Clutch Is Faulty or Worn Top Five Symptoms That Your Fuel Pump Relay Is Faulty 10 Signs Your Fuel Pressure Regulator Is Not Working 8 Signs That Show Your Fuel Injectors Are Faulty 6 Symptoms of a Faulty or Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter 4 Symptoms That Your Exhaust Flexi Pipe Is Leaking Here Are 4 Signs That Your Handbrake Is Failing What Does the ABS Light Indicate and What Causes It to Appear? Four Symptoms of a Faulty ABS Wheel Speed Sensor 8 Symptoms of a Failing or Malfunctioning Power Brake Booster When Your Brake Warning Light Turns On, What Should You Do? 3 Symptoms of a Damaged or Defective Brake Hose 4 Symptoms of a Faulty or Weak Brake Discs 3 Symptoms of a Malfunctioning or Faulty Hazard/Indicator Relay 5 Symptoms of a Malfunctioning or Faulty Brake Light Switch 5 Factors to Consider Tyre Wear on the Outer Edge 6 Symptoms of Faulty or Damaged Spark Plugs 7 Signs Your Power Steering System Is Failing 5 Symptoms of a Clogged or Faulty Fuel Filter 6 Signs of a Faulty Timing Belt 8 Signs That Your Car's Air Conditioning Is Failing 8 Signs That Your Clutch Is Faulty Why Should I Get a New CV boot If the One on My Car Is Torn? What Are the Symptoms and Signs of Damaged CV Joints? What effect does oil on spark plugs have on engine performance? In 2022, how much should car servicing cost? When Your Car Is Parked, Does It Leak Oil? How To Book Car Servicing and Repair Online? Look at these 7 signs of a faulty exhaust system Are you noticing excessive exhaust smoke coming from your car? How Do I Know If My Car Needs an Interim or Full Service? How to Book an Online MOT? 4 Things You Should Never Do While Driving an Automatic Car What Causes a Car to Smell Like Burning Rubber? 4 Signs of a Faulty Starter Relay You Should Be Aware Of When should you replace your windscreen wipers? Why Your Car's Air Conditioning System Leaks So Much Water? 2022 Reviews of the Top 6 Best Spark Plug Brands In 2022, What Are the Best Air Filter Brands for Cars? Why Is It Important to Check a Vehicle's MOT & Service History? Do You Know The Top 10 MOT Failures and How to Prevent Them? Are you experiencing issues with air suspension system? Do You Know How Much Does an MOT Cost? After Buying a New Car, When Should You Have Your First Oil Change? You Shouldn't Ignore These Signs of a Bad Engine When Should You Replace Your Cabin Air Filter? Why is my car hot but not hot enough to cause overheating? Is it possible to drive a car with a blocked heater core? Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Air Suspension System Do You Know the 8 Symptoms of Clutch Slipping How Can Engine Bearing Failure Be Prevented? Can My Car Pass a MOT Test without a Service? You Should Never Ignore These 8 Brake Warning Signs A MOT History Check Cannot Tell You Everything About a Car How to Remove a Stuck Oil Filter in the Easiest Way Possible What Causes the Car to Shake When the AC (air conditioner) is Turned on? 8 Symptoms of Clutch Pressure Plate Failure What Causes Bubbles in the Coolant Reservoir? What Do They Do in Car Servicing? What is a normal coolant temperature reading in my car? What is the recommended amount of engine oil for my vehicle? Squeaking Alternator Belts After Replacement: Causes and Solutions What are the most common indications of a faulty starter motor? How to detect whether your vehicle spark plug is defective or not? How do you determine whether you need to replace your brake shoes? What Causes an Excessive amount Of Oil Use In A Car? What causes a car to die and not start again while driving 5 Causes and 7 Symptoms of Oil in the Spark Plug Well What Are the Symptoms of a Brake Master Cylinder Failure? What Should You Do If the Battery Light on Your Car Is On? 9 Reasons Why Your Car Starts But Doesn't Stay Running Inspection & Repairs for 5 Common Symptoms of a Faulty CV Joint Factors Resulting in Alternator Failure to Charge the Battery What Happens When You Put Petrol in a Diesel Engine? Why does the engine in your car make a ticking or clicking noise? What Are the Common Signs of a Slipped Clutch? 6 Reasons why isn't car air conditioner blowing cold air? How Do You Check & Replace a Failing or Faulty Timing Belt?