How to Book an Online MOT?

How to Book an Online MOT?

Originally known as the "Ministry of Transport test," it is now simply known as an MOT.

The newly titled Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which replaces both the Driving Standards Agency and VOSA, regulates all MOT Testing Stations. You must keep any cars operated on the road in a roadworthy condition, according to the government-run DVSA, and records are updated on a database.

The MOT test ensures that your vehicle complies with all applicable safety and environmental regulations. When a vehicle reaches the age of three years (four years in Northern Ireland), it must undergo an MOT, which must be repeated every year after that.

As we all know, the MOT test price isn't the most concerning expense; rather, it's the repairs necessary for your car to pass the test. It may be worthwhile booking your car for a pre-MOT test check with your local car garage, so you have an idea of the costs involved.

The registration data of a car that does not have a valid MOT test certificate are immediately handed on to police vehicles using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). ANPR is also used by certain static roadside cameras. An expired MOT might potentially be used by an insurance company to deny a claim. Check your vehicles MOT status and search online for car garages in Reading to book an MOT if required.

The following are some easy suggestions on how to keep the costs down:

1.     Regularly service your car - An MOT test is not the same as getting your car serviced, and it does not assess the general mechanical condition of your vehicle. Maintaining your car in good condition with regular maintenance and service is the best way to prevent excessive repair fees at MOT test time.

2.     Offers - Search for car service in Reading garages that will give you a discount on service if you book an MOT at the same time.

3.     Check the lights - One out of every five vehicles fail an MOT owing to a broken light bulb. Check your car's indicators and headlights from the front and back. Check your reverse light with the assistance of a friend or neighbour. As mentioned earlier, you can also book your vehicle with a car repair in Reading garage to complete a full pre-MOT test check to establish any issues beforehand.

4.     Book early - Have an MOT test a month before your existing certificate expires to get a head start. So that you profit, the new certificate will expire exactly a year from the end date of the previous one (the earliest date you may do this is written on your test certificate). If you have your MOT test more than a month before the required date, it will expire exactly a year later, resulting in a loss of money.

Your vehicle is crucial. You and your family may require it to travel for business, education, or leisure, and it is critical that it be kept in good working order so that it is safe and ready when you need it.

Check the following parts every 3 months to ensure your car is in good working order:

1.     Oil and oil filter - Because oil is your engine's blood, it needs transfusions from time to time in order to perform correctly, which is why you should have an oil change every so often. While the three-month guideline isn't fully enforced, it's still a good idea to consult your car's owner's handbook to determine when an oil change is required, either by date or by mileage.

2.     Windscreen washer fluid - The windscreen washer fluid is an unsung hero in your car. In conjunction with your wipers, this fluid aids in maintaining your road visibility. The fluid also lubricates the wipers, preventing them from scratching your windscreen. This is why you should check it every three months to ensure that there is always adequate fluid. If you see that your windscreen cleaning fluid level is low, be sure you refill it.

3.     Power steering fluid - While most cars on the market have already made the switch to electronic power steering, certain older models still use a hydraulic power steering system. With that in mind, if you still have a car that employs this system, make sure your power steering fluid is up to date and that the system is free of leaks. Check the colour of the power steering fluid as well, since this might indicate that the fluid needs to be flushed or changed.

4.     Transmission fluid - Gearbox fluid is used in vehicles with either an automated or manual transmission. This is what maintains the gears oiled and protected at all times. At the absolute least, have the fluids checked every three months, and if necessary, add extra fluid if the level is too low. Having the proper quantity of fluid in your gearbox will guarantee that it functions smoothly and is preserved for a longer period of time.

5.     Battery – A standard car battery has a lifespan of approximately 3 to 5 years, but this does depend on your driving style and driving conditions. As a result, make sure your battery terminals are clean and not corroded if you want to extend their life.

6.     Lights – This is an easy process as all you have to do is make sure all the bulbs are working. Turn on your headlights and hazard lights and walk around the car to ensure all are working. Checking the brake and reverse light can be tricky as requires two people. Put your car into reverse, hold it steady with the brakes and with the help of a friend check to see if all are in working order. 

When booking for an MOT test, it is also suggested that you book with a garage that also offers car servicing and repair work. The reason for this is if your car fails on a ‘dangerous’ fault, you will not be able to physically drive your car to another garage for repairs and will have to be recovered there. This is also the case where some MOT test centres do not offer any repair work.

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