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Reading is a historic market town in Berkshire, South East England, located on the Thames and Kennet rivers. It's the largest town in the Thames Valley and a major commercial center, particularly in insurance and information technology. Despite its proximity to London, it attracts many inward commuters. It ranks as the UK's top economic area for wellbeing and success. Reading is family-friendly with beautiful neighborhoods and good schools.

It houses the University of Reading and serves as a significant regional shopping center. The Reading Festival is a popular annual music event. The town has notable sports teams like Reading Football Club and Reading Hockey Club. The Reading Half Marathon draws over 15,000 runners each year.

The Borough of Reading had 163,203 residents in 2018, and the larger metropolitan area had 344,810 residents in 2021, making it the UK's largest town by population.

Car Services in Reading

Are you looking for a reputable and high-quality car garage in Reading ? Car Services in Reading is your one-stop shop for for all car servicing, repairs and MOT's. We are a low-cost auto repair garage focused on customer satisfaction. We can handle all manner of repairs so contact us for a quote.

Why is it important to get your car serviced?

Routinely servicing and maintaining your vehicle will help it run more smoothly and effectively while also reducing the inconvenience of your car breaking down and requiring expensive and unexpected car repair and maintenance. It is possible that routine car maintenance may be missed in certain situations. This is attributable to planned mileage necessitating minimal wear and tear repairs, which can easily escalate into a costly major repair or replacement.

We also recommend the following services to be completed annually:

  • Brake fluid service
  • Coolant service
  • Clutch fluid service
  • Spark plugs replacement (for petrol cars only)
  • Pollen filter replacement (also known as cabin filter)

It is recommended to use car service near me while looking online for car repair and maintenance near me. The explanation for this is that you will be able to access the website of the car repair to maintenance garage and see if they have any deals that are applicable to the work you need, and some also have a free collection and delivery service. Click here for a quote

How much does Full Service cost in Reading?

The average cost of full service in Reading is £151. The price can range from £133 to £300, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

What do you think about when choosing a garage for your service?

Choosing the perfect garage for your vehicle is a big headache. You do your research and look through multiple things before making a choice. What in your opinion is the most efficient way to choose a garage for regular maintenance? Do you like to look at the online reviews or ask for your friends and family’s advice? It’s not ideal to just pull up to some car repairing centre and hope that they would do the required work properly. Well, now you don’t have to endure this torture of selecting the perfect garage, because we have taken that responsibility upon ourselves. You just have to register on our site and book the desired service for your car, and leave the rest to us. Car Services in Reading is only here to provide you with the best. We are locally owned and operated. The best among all the garages in Reading. We will service and repair your car at affordable prices.

When should you get your car serviced?

It is okay and normal if you forget when an MOT is due or when you should take your car to undergo a full service. For the MOT, you can take advantage from our “MOT check history service” and learn everything you need to know. Not only the date of the upcoming MOT but also all the details about the previous MOT test.

As far as the service is concerned, we recommend you to check and follow the owner’s manual. It is supposed to contain every information about the servicing and the replacements of car parts. It is compulsory that you save the records of off the services that your car go through. This information will come handy when you forget the date of the last service or when you wish to sell your car. It will insight of your car maintenance to the next buyer. The age, make, mileage and the average usage of the vehicle in a day plays an important role in the servicing. Generally, a car is recommended to undergo interim service every 6000 miles (6-months) and a full service every 12,000 miles (12-months).

What car problems you need to look out for?

Many issues can arise while driving, you might be dealing with a locked steering or a broken air suspension. The problems can occur due to several reasons; you must check the steering fluid for any leaks or you can look for a slipped steering pump belt. As you must know that your vehicle is a complete system. All the parts have to work properly and in harmony for the car to run smoothly. If one thing gets damaged, it affects the performance of other components as well. If you can’t identify the cause of the problem, then benefit from our car diagnostic service and get your vehicle inspected thoroughly.

What do you need from your garage?

The reasonable answer is that we seek a garage that that can maintain and service your vehicle at affordable prices. But it involves more things than that. You need to select a garage in reading that feels the most right to you because you have to leave your most valued possession, your car with the garage. You need to make sure that the garage is reliable and will perform all the services honestly. Other aspects affect your decision as well, like the waiting area or the hospitality and professionalism of the staff present at the garage.

Do you offer MOT tests in Reading?

Yes, we provide MOT for all the vehicles present in Reading despite their make and model. An MOT is compulsory and cannot be ignored, so if you are in Reading and require an MOT test, book online now!

How do we do this?

All our service, repair and diagnostic work are carried out to the highest of standards using only OE (original equipment) parts and engine oil. We maintain a strict standard of work that means we can carry out service and repair work even if your vehicle is within its manufacturer warranty. This saves you a trip to the manufacturer for the service and saves you a lot of money. Not only do we have highly skilled technicians in the workshop, but we also have all the latest servicing, wheel alignment, diagnostic and hybrid car servicing equipment. There are several car maintenances measures that you must do to keep your car at its best, it is important to bring your car to the nearest Car Services in Reading Centre and have it checked.

Do you offer free collection and delivery from Reading?

Yes, we believe that we offer a valuable product with our Free Collection and Delivery car service in Reading. If your vehicle is drivable, we can collect it either from your place of work or from your home address. If you are unsure about whether the address you are considering having your vehicle collected from is within our range, then please do contact us.

Car Services in Reading operate a fleet of pool cars with a dedicated driver, so wherever we are collecting from, we need to be able to leave one of our pool vehicles either in your work car parking space or if in a residential area, we would need to be able to leave our car either at your house or on the road with a permit if required.

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