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Check MOT History & Check MOT Status

Curious about your MOT due date? Eager to know the MOT history or MOT status of your next purchase? You took the right decision by choosing us.

FREE MOT check

Car Services in Reading offers comprehensive vehicle information based on the registration number provided. We provide details such as MOT history, expiry dates, reasons for MOT failures, and overall MOT status..

Car Services in Reading allows you to access detailed information about previous MOT tests. This includes the date of the MOT, recorded mileage, and a list of defects or advisories issued. If you need to recall the results of your previous MOTs, they can assist you with that. Your complete MOT history is easily accessible with just a few clicks.

Use our tool to make sure you have a valid MOT. Driving without an MOT can lead to being fined up to £1000.

MOT Check

View historic MOT results

An MOT check is a great way to check the history of your vehicle and how many repairs have been carried out.