For your safety and that of other road users, you must replace your handbrake drum as soon as it starts to show signs of wear. The drum is fundamental to your handbrake system. In fact, all parts in the handbrake system work together to help you control the drum and to keep it in place when required. The handbrake drum is a metal cylinder which connects to the handbrake lever via a series of cables. When you pull up the handbrake lever, the cables push brake shoes inside the drum to create resistance, thus stopping the rear wheels from moving. If disc brakes are installed on the rear wheels, then your parking brake uses its own drum. In this case, the drum will be built into your disc brake system. If your brake drum needs replacing, it may display a couple of symptoms. If your car still rolls when you engage your handbrake, or there is too much play in the brake lever, these are key signs that you need a new drum. While it is true that a defective handbrake drum won’t keep you from driving your car, it is in the interests of safety that you replace it immediately.