When should you replace your windscreen wipers?

When should you replace your windscreen wipers?

It is essential to have good visibility when driving about in your vehicle if you want to be safe. This is why your car's windscreen and wiper blades are crucial in maintaining a consistent view of the road ahead. As a result, several drivers overlook their wiper blades and the fact that they must be serviced or changed on a regular basis. As a result, the vision of the road ahead is reduced, putting you in a perilous scenario.

With our country's unpredictable weather, it's critical to preserve this thin metal portion of our car in good working order. 

You will be amazed that the wiper blades are one of the top 'advisory' components on an MOT test. Go online and check MOT history of your car to confirm how many times they were a culprit.

With that in mind, here are three indicators that it's time to acquire a new set of windshield wipers. We've also thrown in a few pointers to help you keep your wipers in good shape, so make sure you read all the way to the end:

1.     Squeaking sound when cleaning the windscreen

When your wiper blades squeak when wiping the windshield, this is one of the most telling symptoms that they need to be changed. It's difficult to ignore this grating noise. It's as if the cleaners are yelling at you to replace them since they're worn out and no longer capable of doing their job effectively. So, as a responsible automobile owner, you should be vigilant and replace that annoying wiper as soon as possible with a reputable garage in Reading.

2.     On the windscreen, a streak of water has remained

When your wipers leave streaks of water on the windshield while in use, this is another clue that they need to be replaced or cleaned. This means that their efficacy has been hampered and that either something is trapped on the blade or it's time to replace it. Search online for 'car service near me' and book your car in with a vehicle repair and maintenance garage.  The raindrops should be easily swept off the windscreen by the car wipers. If your wipers leave streaking lines on your windshield, you should replace them right away. Streaking usually occurs when the rubber squeegee is damaged or dry.

3.     Excessive vibration

When you use your car wipers and they cause vibration, it's an indication that you need to replace them. The vibration will create radial stripes on the windshield's surface. Worn blade linkages or a distorted wiper might be the source of this problem. Furthermore, once the wiper's frame is bent, the wiper's contact with the glass becomes erratic and worthless. As mentioned earlier, to avoid a possible MOT failure or an advisory item on your next MOT test, check MOT status of your car and have them replaced in time.

A few ideas to maintain your wipers in good working order

Because windscreen wipers may become damaged as they age, it's best to replace them every six months to a year, or as soon as you detect the indications (yes, the ones stated above) and other potential consequences on your driving vision.

Apart from that, car owners should check the rear wiper, as well as the windscreen washer pump, nozzle, and fluid, on a regular basis.

Cleaning your windscreen every time you fill up with fuel and washing the blade with hot soapy water and a paper towel on a regular basis can also help you maintain your car wipers. Simple measures like these can easily extend the life of wipers until they need to be replaced again.

Also, make sure your car is parked in a shady place since ultraviolet light from the sun can harm your wipers and cause the rubber to dry up. If you can't avoid parking in the sun, it's a good idea to raise your wipers before getting out of the car.

Finally, if your windshield has been splattered with mud, don't use the wipers to clear it off, since this might harm the glass.

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