2022 Reviews of the Top 6 Best Spark Plug Brands

2022 Reviews of the Top 6 Best Spark Plug Brands

Spark plugs appear to be an important car element for the Spark-ignition engine since they help to create the fire needed for fuel combustion. As a result, they must be in good working order at all times in order to perform at their best. If you want to replace your old spark plugs, have a look at the top spark plug brands listed in this article.

Keep in mind that routine vehicle maintenance such as oil changes, light testing, brake pad replacement, and spark plug replacement is necessary and may help you avoid costly issues. Nonetheless, most people seldom discuss and frequently forget about changing damaged spark plugs.

Damaged spark plugs can also lead to an emissions test failure on the MOT test. This is the reason why you should check MOT status of your car and have them replaced in time.

Spark plugs should be changed at least every 30,000 miles since they wear out over time. As a result, you can trust this assessment of the best spark plug brands to help you select the best spark plugs for performance.

You can also discuss this with a competent car mechanic when booking your car in with a garage in Reading for a scheduled car service.

The ignition system of petrol engines is useless without a working spark plug, as the air-fuel mixture would not circulate within the cylinders. This little but vital component of your vehicle will need to be replaced after a time and postponing it will impair your vehicle's fuel economy. Search for a car service near me online and book your car in with a reliable car garage.

However, because there are so many different spark plugs on the market, selecting the right one for your car can be difficult. Not to worry, the companies listed below provide some of the top selections on the market:

1.     ACDelco

This brand is a well-known name in the auto component market, as they provide a wide range of OEM standard car parts. This brand, whether OE or aftermarket, is known for supplying consumers with high-quality items that are well-suited to their vehicles. As a result, it looks to be one of the most well-known oil filter brands on the market. ACDelco also sells and distributes high-quality spark plugs for petrol engines. Regardless of the vehicle's use, you can rest confident that ACDelco spark plugs are designed to meet the combustion demands of your vehicle. Their spark plugs are sturdy and long-lasting since they are a key provider of GM Original Equipment. There are three types of spark plugs in this line: traditional iridium, RAPIDFIRETM single-platinum, and double-platinum. The OE and Gold are the two most common spark plug types.

2.     Denso spark plugs

Denso spark plugs are yet another excellent option in the automotive supply sector. Please keep in mind that Denso is a long-established auto supply company that is recognised for supplying clients with high-quality and dependable products. This brand also produces OE and aftermarket goods that are precisely developed and pass a stringent performance and safety testing. Denso's factories are ISO9000 and QS9000 certified, implying that their goods are almost defect-free. The launch of this brand's iridium plugin 1997 is a significant step forward, as it looks to be one of the best solutions available everywhere. Not to worry, the firm offers a wide choice of spark plugs to meet your vehicle's requirements. As mentioned earlier, check MOT history of your car and make sure the spark plugs are replaced as per the manufactures schedule to avoid an emissions test failure on your next MOT test.

3.     Motorcraft spark plugs

Motorcraft looks to be one of the most innovative brands in the automotive parts market, offering high-performing items ranging from engine motor oil to oil filters. As a result, you can rely on this brand for superior quality and performance. This brand supplies original equipment parts (OEs) that are designed to fit and work perfectly in Ford vehicles. Motorcraft, surprisingly, sells a wide range of aftermarket parts for various car models, including batteries, hoses, air conditioning, brakes, lubricants and chemicals, chassis, drivetrain, and electrical components.

4.     NGK spark plugs

With their revolutionary oxygen sensors and spark plugs that operate for a broad range of vehicles, NGK is one firm that has been actively enhancing the driving experiences of many. As industry specialists, you can count on this company to provide high-quality spark plugs that will help in the combustion of the engine's fuel-air combination. NGK spark plugs are compatible with up to 95% of domestic and international vehicles, guaranteeing that the engines function smoothly. These goods are designed to be extremely durable and fulfil OE standards and specifications. This company pushes the envelope even further by using cutting-edge technology to create spark plugs that satisfy the demands of today's high-efficiency engines.

5.     Bosch

Bosch is another industrial titan that offers a wide selection of practical solutions that are suitable for a variety of applications. Bosch has top-performing products that assist shape many aspects of your life, whether you're at home or at business. This company provides great brake pads, fuel systems, wiper blades, discs, engine position sensors, starter motors, alternators, steering systems, vehicle batteries, and emerges as one of the top air filter brands in the automotive market.

6.     Champion

Champion spark plugs are still one of the industry's largest suppliers. The Albert Champion Company, which appears to have been created in 1905, has been producing spark plugs bearing the brand's name since then. After being acquired by Cooper Industries in 1989, the firm was renamed Federal-Mogul and is now a brand of the renowned Federal-Mogul Corporation. Please keep in mind that Champion offers a wide assortment of spark plugs that are suitable for small vehicles, trucks, racing and maritime applications, as well as SUVs. Aside from spark plugs, you should be aware that this company also sells spark plug wires, wiper blades, batteries, oil filters, glow plugs, and lighting items.

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