Here Are 4 Signs That Your Handbrake Is Failing

Here Are 4 Signs That Your Handbrake Is Failing

The parking brake cable is the cable that is used to engage the parking brakes on numerous vehicles. It's normally a steel braided cable covered in a protective sheath that's used to activate the vehicle's parking brakes mechanically.

The cable pushes on the calipers or brake drums when the parking brake lever or pedal is depressed, engaging the vehicle's parking brake.

When stopped or stationary, the parking brake is utilised to keep the vehicle from rolling. This feature is particularly useful while parking or halting on inclines or hills, where a car is more likely to roll and cause an accident.

This is why it is checked during a MOT testing service, and if it is found to be defective, it will result in a MOT test failure.

When the parking brake cable breaks or gets too loose, the car loses this important safety feature. A bad or failing parking brake cable usually causes a few indications that warn the driver to a potential problem that needs to be addressed. If you check MOT history of your car, an applied handbrake that does not stop the car from rolling will fail a MOT test.

The following are four symptoms that your parking/handbrake cable is broken:

1.      Parking/handbrake does not hold the vehicle - A handbrake that does not effectively hold the vehicle is the most prevalent indicator of a problem with the parking brake cable. The parking brake cable will lose its ability to draw the parking brake as tightly if it becomes overly worn or strained. Even when the parking brake is fully engaged, the parking brake will not be able to support the weight of the vehicle, causing it to roll or lean. If you discovered your car previously failed a MOT owing to the handbrake while conducting an online MOT history check, a loose cable was most likely the culprit.

2.      Parking brake not working - A parking brake that does not work is another sign of a problem with the parking brake cable. The parking brake will be disengaged if the cable snaps or breaks. The parking brake isn't working, and the pedal or lever could be loose.

3.      An illuminated handbrake warning light - This is another indicator of a problem with the parking brake cable. When the parking brake is set so that the driver does not drive with the brake applied, the parking brake warning light illuminates. When the Parking Brake Light illuminates even after the brake handle or pedal has been released, it could mean that the cable is stuck or jammed, and the brake isn't releasing properly. If you complete a MOT history checker online for your car, an illuminated warning dashboard light is a common reason for a MOT test to fail.

4.      The handbrake has an unusual feel to it - When you use the handbrake, you get a sense of how it works. The handle will effortlessly draw up and down while also providing some restriction. When you engage or disengage it, it really should lock solidly into position. The sensation of your handbrake can be impacted by a stretched, loose, misaligned, or tangled cable. When you move the handle up and down, for example, it may seem stiffer than usual. It's also possible that the handle is loose and unsteady. It's possible that you'll have to work harder to get it to turn on or off.

To function, your handbrake depends on cabling connections. When you engage this brake, its wires apply stopping force to your wheels, allowing your car to remain stationary.

These cables aren't indestructible. Corrosion, stretching, movement out of position, and even snapping are all possibilities. While a little issue may cause your handbrake to become less sensitive than usual, a more significant issue could cause the entire system to fail.

If one of your cables fails, the dashboard warning light for your handbrake may illuminate. This light, on the other hand, could signal a variety of issues with the system. Your fluid levels, for example, could be low, or you could have a faulty connection.

Parking/handbrakes are an important parking and safety device found on nearly all road cars. If you suspect a problem with your parking/handbrake cable, get your car evaluated by a competent mechanic to see if it needs to be replaced.

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