Why Your Car's Air Conditioning System Leaks So Much Water?

Why Your Car's Air Conditioning System Leaks So Much Water?

The air conditioner (A/C) in your automobile is a critical component that keeps the temperature inside your vehicle cool or warm depending on the weather. A malfunctioning air conditioning system can be quite inconvenient. That's why, especially in the summer and winter, most people are concerned about how effectively their car's air conditioner works. This explains why you're probably concerned about your car's air conditioner spilling too much water.

When the A/C is turned off, it's not uncommon to see water leaking under the car. When the leak gets significant, though, you should be concerned. Even so, it might be a little issue or a difficult one that needs expert assistance. You'll never know unless you understand the situation's "why." As a result, you must figure out why your air conditioner is leaking so much water.

Go through your previous service and repair documents as well as check MOT history of your car to see if this was a problem in the past and what was done by a garage to resolve this issue.

What Causes Excessive Water Leakage from Your Car Air Conditioner?

There are two sorts of water leaks that might occur from your car's air conditioning system. The first is excessive water seeping from the vehicle's exterior. This is why you may detect a water leak after the car has been shut off. When you use your car's air conditioning for long periods of time on hot days, there's a good chance you'll notice some water seeping below the vehicle. This occurs because your vehicle is draining the extra water that accumulates as the air conditioner collects humidity from the air to chill the vehicle. Check MOT status of your car and have this issue fixed before your next MOT test due date.

When water seeps inside your car, the second form of leak happens. If you see this, you should seek expert assistance by looking for car service near me garage. As a result, here are a few reasons why your car is leaking a lot of water:

1.     Pipe/Pan for Condensate Drainage Issues

When you switch on your air conditioner, a clogged condensate drain can cause a lot of water to flow into your car's interior. This is why it occurs. Moisture must be taken from the air to cool your car's interior. This moisture condenses to water during the cooling process, which your car's condensate drain is meant to remove. When the condensate drain becomes clogged with dirt and debris, water leaks into the vehicle. One of the blocked ac drain car symptoms is water spilling into your vehicle.

2.     Low Refrigerant

Your car's A/C requires a particular amount of refrigerant to circulate cold air within it. When the refrigerant level drops, the car's A/C pressure drops as well. As a result of this, the evaporator coils freeze, causing the condensate drain pan to overflow and leak. Low refrigerant levels might also result in your car blowing hot air.

3.     Blocked Air Filters

As long as you use your car's air conditioning, the air filters will collect dirt and debris from the dust and moisture it encounters. Dirty air filters can become clogged, causing the evaporator coils in your car's air conditioner to freeze. The condensate drain pan fills up as a result, and the surplus water spills into the drain pan. As a result, the car's air conditioner leaks a lot of water. Book your car with a garage in Reading to allow a mechanic to diagnose and repair the issue.

4.     Problems with the Evaporator

A clogged evaporator drain can cause water to back up into the evaporator core from outside the vehicle. This component resembles a radiator, and when it is flooded, moisture seeps into the A/C vents. That's what occurs when you observe water flowing out of your car's air conditioning vents.

5.     Failed Seals

Plastic or rubber seals are used in your car's air conditioning system. When they break, you'll see that water may readily pass through them. In such cases, you may observe water escaping from the passenger side of the car, for example.

A vehicle that has a working air conditioning system throughout the summer and winter months is a must. This is because it allows you to control the inside temperature of your vehicle exactly where you want it. Your air conditioning system might occasionally malfunction. Hence it is recommended to have an A/C service yearly on your car.

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