Five Symptoms of a Faulty Windscreen Wiper Motor

Five Symptoms of a Faulty Windscreen Wiper Motor

Most people will never see the windscreen wiper motor because it is frequently concealed behind the firewall of the car. Here's how to identify a bad windscreen wiper motor.

The windscreen wipers play a crucial role in ensuring the greatest possible on-road visibility. The majority of people don't give the windscreen wiper motor much thought, despite the fact that it's crucial to replace the blades frequently to keep the system in perfect working order.

When the wipers quit operating properly, everything is different. Check MOT history to see if the wipers were the reason a previous MOT test failed. We go over the warning signs of a failing windshield wiper motor. Let's start by looking at the signs.

Slow-moving wipers are the most typical sign of a faulty windscreen wiper motor. Your windscreen wiper motor is probably at blame if your wipers only operate at one speed or cease functioning altogether. If so, check MOT status for your car to establish the renewal date and have the defective windscreen wiper motor fixed to prevent failing your next MOT test.

Most Typical Signs Of a Failing Windshield Wiper Motor

Although not all indications, these are the most typical ones. The following is a more thorough list of the most typical signs of a failing windshield wiper motor:

1.     Wiper Blades Begin to Move More Slowly

Modern cars come with wiper blades that can work at different rates. You can pick the delay and pace that work best for you. Slower-moving blades, though, are an indication that something is awry. If you choose the quickest speed and the blades seem to be operating at the lowest setting, your motor may be defective. The same symptom, though, can also be brought on by pollutants or particles that have entered the system. Minor concerns might be resolved through visual inspection or at worst case you may need to complete a windscreen wiper motor replacement.

2.     Completely Stopped Moving Wiper Blades

The motor may also be to blame if you switch on the wipers, and nothing happens. You may hear the motor running if you listen carefully. There may be an electrical issue with the windscreen wiper motor, or it may be broken, which would prevent it from operating at all. Though a blown fuse is a potential starting point because this issue could also be brought on by one. An additional electrical issue can be present if the fuse has burned out. Other parts can start to fail if the problem is not fixed. As previously noted, run a MOT history check online to discover if a prior MOT test was unsuccessful owing to the windscreen wipers not functioning.

3.     Wiper Blades Only Move at One Pace

You might also experience issues as you experiment with the different settings, but the wipers always move at the same speed. The windshield wiper motor frequently experiences issues like this, however the wiper module may also be to blame. Because the module provides instructions to the motor, its failure may appear to be a problem with the wiper motor. According to the MOT history checker, worn-out wiper blades are a frequent cause of MOT test failure.

4.     Wiper Blades Fail to Stay in the Proper Position

After being switched off, wiper blades return to the "Parked" position. This position, where the wipers are basically held in place, may be found in the majority of vehicles at the bottom of the windscreen. The windscreen wiper motor may be malfunctioning if they don't reset to their original position after being switched off. You may be able to reset the wiper motor, which is a less expensive option, even if a replacement may be required.

5.     Humming Sounds

If you notice any of the other issues mentioned above, you should pay particular attention to the motor. You might hear a slight humming sound. This noise is a sign that the wiper motor is receiving the necessary power but is unable to deliver it to the blades. A malfunctioning wiper relay may also be to blame for this issue.

What a Windscreen Wiper Motor Does

The windscreen wiper blades are only one component of a larger system; they do not function independently. The motors for the windscreen wipers are in charge of powering the blades.

The blades move smoothly and methodically when the motor is operating as it should. When the motor is turned on, the wipers move across the windscreen back and forth continually.

However, the motor contains connections and linkages that could deteriorate with time. Performance problems may result from any motor component failure, no matter how minor. When a problem arises, replacing individual motor parts is not practical; instead, replacing the complete motor is simpler.

Location of the Windscreen Wiper Motor

On the firewall of the car is where you'll find the windscreen wiper motor. It is situated between the car's engine and the driver compartment. The location for your make and model can be found in your service manual if you can't find it.

Due to its accessibility, replacing the windscreen wiper motor is a straightforward task.

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