9 Warning Symptoms Your Car Battery May Be Dying

9 Warning Symptoms Your Car Battery May Be Dying

Let's say you overslept and are now running late for work. When you eventually exit the house and get into your car, you turn the key to start the engine, but nothing happens. You can't start your car. You try again and again, but nothing changes. Your phone's battery is dead. Such a bad way to start the day! Existed any warnings? You ought to have anticipated it.

Knowing the symptoms of a failing battery will save you headaches. The nine indicators listed below point to a bad automobile battery:

1.     Slow Engine Crank

Probably one of the most typical signs of a fading battery is a slow engine crank. Every time the engine starts, the battery loses amperage. Your engine will probably start slowly if your battery is about to die. Search online for car garages in Reading if you hear your engine revving slowly and make an appointment as soon as you can. Don't disregard it or you can end up in the situation we just mentioned.

2.     Clicking Sound When Trying to Start the Car

When attempting to start the car, you may hear a quick clicking noise. If the engine doesn't crank at all, this is a sign that there's not enough power to start the engine. It doesn't matter how many times you turn the key, or even if you step away from the car for a bit before trying again, the outcome will always be the same. If you can only hear a clicking noise when you attempt to start your car, your battery seems to be either almost or completely dead. A car battery replacement appointment can be scheduled by searching online for garages in Reading.

3.     Dim Headlights

The reason why headlights don't glow as brightly as they should is that they aren't getting enough electricity. If the brightness of your headlights is not what you recall it to be, think about getting your battery checked. If you go online and check MOT history for your vehicle, you might find that this was a previous reason for a MOT test to fail.

4.     Electrical Component Issues

Most modern vehicles come equipped with a variety of electronic features, including power windows, power seats, radios, dashboard lighting, headlights, and windshield wipers. To operate, each of these things needs the electricity provided by the battery in your car. You need to examine your batteries if these parts start acting up. According to a vehicle's MOT history check, a bad battery is one of the leading causes of a failed MOT test.

5.     Dashboard Warning Light Illuminated

The dashboard warning light, which is frequently shaped like a car battery, is present in the majority of contemporary vehicles and lights when the battery is not being recharged correctly or when it has an internal issue. The light can potentially be a sign of an issue with the alternator or another electrical component. Your best course of action when the light turns on is to have one of your licenced service technicians examine your car's electrical system.

6.     Car Battery Case Is Swollen

A battery is essentially a chemical reaction contained within a container. As with any chemical reaction, things can occasionally go awry. The sides of the battery casing may bulge if the battery is exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures. The battery may freeze and discharge throughout the cold. An "electrically dead" battery may result from both the freezing and swelling brought on by excessive heat. When this occurs, the battery can no longer be recharged and must be replaced.

7.     Old Battery

Only four to five years is the typical lifespan of a vehicle battery. Depending on your driving habits and exposure to extremely high or low temperatures, the lifespan may vary. In order to determine how much life is still in your battery after four years, you might wish to have it checked. The production date of a battery is frequently visible on the battery case, so check there if you're unsure of its age. However, if you are still unclear and unable to locate it, you might want to think about having it examined.

8.     Loose Battery Terminals

This might cause the car to act as though the battery is dying, so make sure they are securely attached. Whether they are too loose, tighten them, then check to see if the issue disappears. If not, you should have the battery checked because it can be dying.

9.     You Left a Light On

In some cases, a dead or fading battery is the result of driver error. It might be something as easy as you are leaving a light on if you've tried every possible explanation and none of them are the problem. Your battery was discharged, whether it took place over night or for a week. Be kind to yourself; anyone can experience this. If the battery has to be recharged or replaced, do so, and try to be more attentive going forward.

The quick clicking sounds your vehicle makes when you try to start it might be annoying even if you aren't rushing late for work. Thankfully, if you pay attention, your battery will give you warning indications before failing. It will still have plenty of time to be charged or replaced before it is too late thanks to this.

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