When a timing chain replacement & what exactly is the function

When a timing chain replacement & what exactly is the function

The timing chain, like a pacemaker, ensures that everything in your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

This chain allows all motor components to communicate with one another while also protecting them from being damaged or colliding with other engine components. Everything could be thrown out of whack if one step is skipped.

Having said that, because the timing chain is such a significant part of your vehicle's engine, keeping it in good working order is a top priority and an important part of your vehicle's maintenance process and car service in Reading. That being said, here's a quick primer on what a timing chain is and what it does in relation to your vehicle's engine.

What is a timing chain, exactly?

It is a metal chain that drives the camshaft with engine power. It is much quieter, lighter, and less maintenance-intensive than its rubber belt counterpart. Timing chains are also known for their longevity and durability because they do not require as frequent replacement during a scheduled full car service near me as their rubber-based timing belt counterpart. These will frequently last the life of a vehicle with minimal maintenance.

What exactly is the function of a timing chain?

A timing chain, like a timing belt, synchronises the position of an engine's pistons and camshafts. It ensures that the motor is properly timed and that the engine's valves open and close in accordance with the combustion process of the engine. The chain is located inside the engine and must be lubricated at all times to avoid wear and tear.

When should a timing chain be replaced?

As this part lasts longer than a timing belt, it typically will be replaced on a vehicle between 120,000 and 150,000 miles. However, this is still dependent on the engine and the specifications of the manufacturer. It is also vital to keep the timing chain lubricated because using the wrong viscosity oil can damage the pins and plates.

While a timing chain outlasts a timing belt, signs of stretching or failure are slightly more difficult to detect. It is also more difficult to jump teeth in a timing chain, causing the engine to run out of sync. Here's a quick list of warning signs that it's time to replace your timing chain:

1.     The engine won't start or runs poorly

This could mean that the engine's timing is off because the valves aren't properly in sync with one another, leaving a small gap between the combustion process.

2.     Metal shavings are discovered in the oil

Examining the oil in the engine during an oil change is a good way to determine whether or not a chain is failing. Metal shavings in the oil could indicate that the timing chain has been stretched and is about to fail. However, it could be a sign of something else, so keep that in mind as you inspect the oil.

3.     The engine refuses to start or idles

A broken or damaged timing chain will prevent the engine from starting or will cause it to fail while driving. If this happens, the timing of your engine may be thrown off, and the pistons may come into contact with the valves, resulting in a costly repair and impairing the movement of your vehicle.

4.     The check engine light is on

The check engine light is another sign of a stretched or damaged timing chain. Only if the vehicle's computer detects a problem will this warning light illuminate. If its sensors detect a problem, the light will illuminate, necessitating immediate attention as well as a scan to determine the source of the problem.

5.     Listen for unusual noises like rattling from the engine while it is idling

This is one audio indicator that your timing belt is failing. A normal engine should make a consistent and smooth noise, indicating that everything is in working order. When a timing chain becomes stretched, vibrations inside the engine occur, resulting in a rattling sound as the engine idles.

What can I expect from a timing chain replacement?

When the timing chain on your vehicle needs to be replaced during a car service near me, the engine must be opened up or removed from the vehicle. Aside from the expensive repair bill for parts and labour, expect the car to be out of commission for a few days as this process may take several days to complete. It is also important to note that the availability of the car service centre will be a consideration.

Apart from the initial timing chain replacement, expect your vehicle to go through a short break-in period to ensure that everything is working properly. This is done to ensure that the installation process went smoothly and that nothing else needed to be done afterwards.

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