What is Wheel Cylinder, It’s Function and Components?

What is Wheel Cylinder, It’s Function and Components?

This is a part of a hydraulic fluid is driven drum brake system and is situated in each wheel. Mainly the cylinder is situated at the top of the wheel, above the shoes. It is very much like a slave cylinder and works similarly, inside comprising of just a basic plunger. On older cars these may start to leak and limit the performance of the braking system yet are regularly cheap and generally simple to replace. You can contact your local car garages for a better understanding.

The wheel cylinder comprises a cylinder that has two pistons, one on each side. Every cylinder has an elastic or rubber seal and a shaft that interfaces the cylinder with a brake shoe. At the point when brake pressure is applied, the cylinders are constrained out driving the shoes into contact with the drum. A few plans utilise two single-piston wheel cylinders, one at the top point of the drum and one at the base, each associated or connected with one brake shoe.

A wheel cylinder has the following components inside:

·       Two pistons on each side

·       Two rubber cups on each side

·       Spring in the middle of the pistons

The fluid squashes against the pistons that move outward in the wheel cylinder at the point when the pistons come nearer. This is when the fluid is constrained into the master cylinder, the spring between the two pistons holds the elastic cups in position.

Wheel cylinders are now made from aluminium as previously they used to be made of cast iron. However, they were more prone to rusting.

Wheel cylinders must be replaced if they show signs of leaking. You will need to look for trained technicians who can carry out a full health check of the braking system and complete a full car diagnostic test.

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