What Is The Difference Between An Interim And Full Service

What Is The Difference Between An Interim And Full Service

A full service is strongly suggested despite the fact that on the off chance that the vehicle is consistently adjusted, at that point an interim service will assist with keeping it running smoothly.

Car service depends upon various factors. These could be the condition of your car, the number of miles you drive and the last time your car was serviced. There are two types of service for you Full Service which includes a comprehensive 70 points check while Interim Service has 50 points check. To find out what is included in these 50 and 70m point checks, you can search online and be able to get the full list.


The following is included in an interim service: 

• 50-point check

• Oil filter

• Engine oil

• Bodywork and mirrors etc.

• Timing belt interval


• Warning lights

• All seatbelts

• Interior and exterior lights

• Front and rear windscreen wipers, washers and rearview mirror

• Fuel cap

• Air conditioning (if necessary)

• Power steering

• Auxiliary and fan belts

• Air filter

• Battery

• Clutch

• Handbrake operation

• Gearbox oil and axel oil topped up

• All fluid levels topped up

• Inspection for corrosion

• Engine oil replaced

• Oil filter replaced

• Steering and suspension

• Exhaust system

• Fuel lines, brake pipes, hoses and handbrake

• Checks for signs of leakage from cylinders/callipers

• Tyres

• Brake pads

• Drums and discs

• Exhaust emissions


The following is included in a full service: 

• Comprehensive 70-point check

• Oil filter

• Air filter

• Pollen filter is also known as cabin filter

• Engine oil

• A full service is all of the above, plus the following:

• Door hinges catch and locks

• Coolant system checked for leaks

• Engine cooling fan

• Operation of throttle checked

• Air filter replaced

• Condition of the distributor cap

• Checks for engine and gearbox mounts for wear

• Starter motor cranking and security tests

• Visual inspections of radiator and coolant pipes

• All wheel bearings checked for noise

• Check condition of all wheels

• Check front and rear brakes

Why is it vital to get your car serviced?

Routinely servicing your vehicle can have the effect on running easily and fuel-efficient but most of all, minimises the inconvenience of your car breaking down and causing a costly and startling car repair and maintenance. In some cases, it can be overlooked to maintain regular car servicing. This is due to expected mileage requiring minor repair from wear and tear but can quickly turn into an expensive significant repair or replacement.

The most common types of car services explained further

Interim service 

Including the 50-point check, this also includes two changes and five top-ups. The changes are recommended and good grade engine oil and oil filter. The car garage will likewise check and top up the tyre pressure factor, brake fluid, power steering fluid, clutch fluid and windscreen washer whenever required.

Once the 50-point check has been completed by the car mechanic, the car garage will discuss this with you ahead of time of doing the work to ensure you know about what extra work is required and whether any further expenses might be caused.

Full service 

This has a 70-point check. These will include all the focuses on an interim service as well as some extra checks, top-ups and changes including the air filter which is replaced dependent on the mileage and vehicle use and pollen filter also known as cabin filter. Extra checks and top-ups incorporate your coolant/antifreeze and the gearbox liquid if required. These tops-ups are embraced where appropriate for your vehicle and relying upon the manufacture recommendations. The trained technician will also check the sparkle plugs during a Full Assistance and change them depending on the mileage and again manufacture guidelines.

The car garage will likewise perform a full car diagnostic of your vehicle and if there is other work that needs consideration or different parts that need attention, repair or replacing then, they will discuss this with you ahead of time to ensure you know about what extra work is required and whether any further expenses might be caused. 

When searching online for car repair and maintenance near me it is recommended to use a car service near me. The reason for this is you will access the car repair and maintenance garages website and be able to see if they have any relevant offers to the work you require, and some offer a free collection and delivery service.


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