Some Important Facts You Need to Know About Car Alternator

Some Important Facts You Need to Know About Car Alternator

Where does an alternator get its name from?

An alternators name comes from the expression alternating current also known as AC.

What is the role of an alternator in a car?

A car alternator is typically compared to an electric generator. The role of the alternator is to charge the car battery and to provide power to all the electric systems when your car is running.

Where is an alternator located in a car?

The alternator is typically situated near the front of your car's engine. The alternator has a control unit on one end and a pulley on the other end rotated by the drive belt also known as the auxiliary belt which is driven by the crankshaft. Next, the control unit is also an output that is connected to your car's battery.

What are the elements of an alternator?

The alternator consists of for components:

·       Stator (coil)

·       Rotor (propeller)

·       Diode (rectifying valve)

·       Voltage regulator

How this works is the rotor spins inside the stator creating electricity. The electricity is then transferred by the diode from AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current) which is then used by your car's battery.

If the lights in your car start flickering, your car is taking longer to start, or the battery warning light appears on your dashboard then this can be an alternator issue. It is advised to have your battery diagnosed as soon as you can. Some car repair garages offer a free car diagnostic test but widely there is a small fee to pay which can vary.

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