6 Symptoms That Indicate You Need to Get Your Exhaust Checked

6 Symptoms That Indicate You Need to Get Your Exhaust Checked

Each part of the car requires regular repair and maintenance. One of those parts is the exhaust system. It can cause a lot of hassle for you in the long run if it is not repaired at the right time. The repairs will become expensive and hard to resolve the longer you leave them unattended. 

The best thing is to check your vehicle for warning signs and take it to a car mechanic before the problem becomes too much to resolve

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Symptoms you should look out for

Engine noise

The engine is not supposed to make any loud noise when you are normally driving your car. So when your car becomes noisy, you will automatically know that something is wrong with it. The drive is supposed to be calm and silent, you shouldn’t have to turn the music up to avoid the unnecessary sounds coming from the car. 

Your exhaust system is also responsible for keeping your vehicle sounds to a minimum. So the louder noises coming from the engine indicate that you have a faulty exhaust. A faulty exhaust can be extremely dangerous as a problem in the manifold can cause the toxic fumes to go into the passenger’s cabin.


Frequently refuelling

If the usual fill-up lasts a day or less even when you haven’t changed your driving habits, then it shows that your car is not working as efficiently as it should. The overall efficiency has been affected. This type of thing is more common in old cars but the new cars don’t suffer from it. If the exchange has occurred rapidly then it indicates that you might have an exhaust leak. The more critical the problem, the more serious the leak will potentially be. 


Visible signs

Aside from the noise and the fuel issue, there can be multiple visible signs that can help you in identifying a faulty exhaust. You can take a glance under that car and look for rust or holes. They would easily be visible to the naked eye. If you have the first two symptoms, then you should also check for hairline cracks and splits. It is most likely that you will find them as well. You can check it yourself but it is always a good idea to get the help of a professional. 


You smell fumes inside the car

You should always keep in your mind that no weird smells should be present in the passenger’s cabin except the smell of the car or the air freshener. If you smell any fumes or any weird chemical-like odours, then you should immediately take your car to the garage for inspection. It can be a warning for you, which you should take seriously. 


Wheel Vibrations

One of the strongest signs of a leaking exhaust is the vibrations that you feel in the steering wheel or when you press on the accelerator. If the vibrations are left unattended, they turn into entire car judders. It is a wise thing to get the exhaust repaired before the problem starts to affect the performance of the vehicle and also put your life in danger. 

If you experience even one of these symptoms, then you should not waste any more time and take it for repair. Whether it's the exhaust or any other part of the vehicle, they need proper care and regular maintenance to work smoothly. 

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