6 Common Issues Why Your Cars Air Conditioning System Is Not Working

6 Common Issues Why Your Cars Air Conditioning System Is Not Working

It is not only frustrating on hot summer’s days when your car air conditioning is not working but also can result in a safety issue. Therefore, it is important that your car air conditioning service is maintained. Following are the 6 most common issues of a faulty A/C in a car:

  • Faulty or broken A/C compressor
  • Faulty or broken cooling fans
  • Faulty or broken A/C condenser
  • Blocked condenser
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Electrical issues

Now let us look at the reasons behind each possible fault in a bit more detail.

The Compressor 

The air conditioning compressor keeps your A/C moving consistently. Without it, the refrigerant cannot flow through the system and you will never get any cold air. The most widely recognised explanation that a compressor turns bad is because of significant stretches of time without use. The absence of utilisation will in general stun the system when it, at last, is utilised again, for example, in the spring or summer in the wake of sitting lethargic the entire winter.

To best battle this issue, we suggest running your A/C system on maxing out for in any event 15 minutes generally once like clockwork or something like that, paying little mind to the external temperature. This will help keep the compressor new and expand its general life expectancy.

The fans 

At the point when fans are not appropriately working, your A/C condenser may not get appropriately cooling. Over the long run, this can make your vehicle begin blowing just hot air. The most ideal approach to check if the cooling fan is broken is through a visual review.

Breaks in the fan can be brought about by dirt and debris out and about on the road and replacement is the genuine approach to address this issue. Other normal issues with cooling fans incorporate blown breakers and other electrical issues. These issues must be looked at by trained technician sunless you have insight and knowledge in electrical work.

The Condenser 

On the off chance that there does not seem, by all accounts, to be anything impeding or blocking the condenser, it is safe to say that it could be broken totally. A faulty or totally broken A/C condenser can be brought about by a rupture from the road's dirt and debris entering through the front grill of your car and harming the part and causing it to fail.

In the event that you notice any perceptible penetrates in the condenser upon a visual assessment, regularly the best way to fix the issue is through an A/C condenser replacement.

The condenser of your car cooling unit should re-cool hot refrigerant whenever it has been compacted. This is finished utilising the wind stream that gets through the front of your vehicle as you drive. On the off chance that the condenser is hindered by some sort of dirt or debris from the road, at that point it will be not able to appropriately cool the refrigerant and your car's system will keep on working with overheated refrigerant. This will rapidly cause the A/C unit to just blow hot air.

In many cars, the condenser is found at the front of the vehicle, so it ought to be not difficult to outwardly check whether anything is blocking it. This can undoubtedly be eliminated from the front grill of your car and the issue ought to be sorted.

The Refrigerant 

A refrigerant leak can happen anytime noticeable all around the A/C process as it is occasionally hard to pinpoint the specific area of the leak. The most widely recognised where leaks are found are at A/C unit hose connections.

It is occasionally conceivable to see an oily substance aggregating around these connections, which is likely the reason for the leak. A professional car mechanic can complete your car air conditioning repair by using a sealant explicitly intended for A/C units and then complete an air conditioning recharge to ensure the matter has been resolved.

Electrical issues 

Electrical issues are maybe the most difficult issue to diagnose with regards to the A/C unit that has completely stopped working. Initial, a visual assessment of all the wiring ought to be done to check whether any wires are broken or frayed.

In the event that any broken or damaged wires are discovered, they ought to be repaired with electrical tape or completely replaced. It is recommended to take your vehicle to a certified car garage that can complete a full car diagnostic to pinpoint the issue and resolve it.


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