5 Parts That You Should Get Changed During a Clutch Replacement

5 Parts That You Should Get Changed During a Clutch Replacement

The component of the vehicle that works the most is the clutch. It engages and disengages with every start, stop, and gear change. The hotter the clutch gets the faster it will wear out. 


Depending on the model of the car that you drive, you could need to replace the clutch every 40,000 to 100,000 km or more. It is suitable to get it done sooner than later. Replacing some other necessary parts along with the clutch disc will save you money and aggravation in the long run. 


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Things that you may need to replace when replacing the clutch


Release bearing

When you press on the clutch pedal, the fork engages the pressure plate and the release bearing also known as the thrust bearing or throw-out bearing. It causes the clutch to spin freely when you change gears. The bearing goes through a lot of abuse and it can wear out over time due to lack of fluid or rough use. 


Pressure plate

The pressure plate may not survive for as long as you thought it would. The springy fingers present on the pressure plate can bend, crack and or lose the tension between them. It is a good choice to get the pressure plate replaced along with the disc if needed as you save on labour. 


Slave cylinder

The slave cylinder is a hydraulic arm that is used to press the fork. Its function is to move in and out when we step on the clutch pedal. A lot of pressure and faith is put into the slave cylinder when you drive. Which can eventually cause it to leak and fail. When the mechanic is replacing the clutch he may recommend that you replace the slave cylinder as well.

Clutch fluid

All parts of the vehicle require proper amounts of lubricant to work smoothly. You need to get the clutch fluid changed according to the regularly scheduled maintenance interval. The pedal may stick to the bottom when you press it down. This may occur due to the clutch hydraulic system having moisture in it, which causes the components to corrode. It is possible to prevent the corrosion from happening inside out rather than fixing it later on. Regular maintenance is a lot cheaper than replacing the parts. When you change the disc, make sure to get the fluid between the master cylinder and the slave cylinder replaced. 


Transmission fluid

The manual transmissions are durable but they still need the proper level of lubrication and care. If you haven’t changed the gearbox fluid recently, then you should consider it. It may not seem like a problem but things can escalate quickly and potential gearbox problems may arise along the way. When having the clutch replaced, throw in a few more pounds and have the lubricant drained and refilled. It will also help with the noises coming from the gearbox. 


Changing these parts along with the clutch will save you extra trips to the garage and also save a lot of your money. Getting all the services done together is cheaper than visiting the garage for every individual replacement. Clutch replacement holds the priority when getting the services done but it is also recommended to focus on the replacement of the other 

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